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Phones Phone Holder, Multi-Function Suction Cup Mirror Car Phone Holder, Applicable Position: Vent, Dashboard and Front Windshield

About this item:-[Super Sticky Suction Cups] The car cell phone holder has super...

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About this item:

-[Super Sticky Suction Cups] The car cell phone holder has super sticky suction cups that provide strong suction on smooth surfaces and attach very securely to textured flat dashboards, windshields, and desktops. It won't fall off even when twisted, bumped, or driven at high speed.

-[QUICK RELEASE & LOCK] The car cell phone holder has a one-touch release button to release your phone with one hand while driving. It locks when you put down your phone.

-[Flexibility] The cell phone holder comes with 360-degree rotating ball joints, which allow you to freely adjust the viewing angle comfortably; upgraded folding links provide a perfect viewing angle, and the waterfall streamlined design won't block your view, giving you the ideal viewing angle.

-[PERFECT PROTECTION] The cell phone car mount has a non-slip silicone panel and a stable, supportive bottom bracket that protects against scratches and drops. It also won't block the charging port.

-[UNIVERSAL COMPATIBILITY] This car phone mount suits almost all cell phones. You will get a one-year warranty and lifetime after-sales service.

Quick release and lock

Press the release buttons on both sides to release the phone holder; 

The holder will automatically lock the phone when the phone touches the lock button in the center.

Reusable and washable suction cups

If you want to move the position of the suction cup phone holder, clean the suction cups, then dry and install them to your desired position.

Reserved charging port

With the reserved charging port, you can quickly charge your phone while on the road. You can charge your cell phone anytime, which is convenient for your work and life.

Note: This product is a cell phone holder, not a charger.


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